Here you can witness some of the amazing things going on at Gentle Actions. An integration of the poetical, political and aesthetical – a reflection of the art of action!

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Yogasession by Heather Love - set in motion by the artist Runa Carlsen. 50 people doing Yoga at Kunstnernes Hus during Gentle Actions! Photo: Veronica Moen

Gugulethu P. Mbatha, smallscale farmer and activist from South Africa. Gugu talked about her amazing project of gentle actions - fighting corruption, capitalism and climate change. Organized by artist Anna Widén.

DIALOGUE ABOUT ECONOMOMIC THINKING: Open conversations about financial versus human values. With Christine Bakke, Cultura Bank.

PLATFORM: Scorch/Drench - In the gallery are three pieces installed in relation to each other: the Carbon Map, the Carbon Web, and the film No Condition is Permanent.

A QUAKER MEDITATION ON HEAVENEARTH Lead by eco-philosopher Per Ingvar Haukeland

Senter for Byøkologi (Centre for Urban Ecology) THE MOBILITY OF THE EVERYDAY - BICYCLE REPAIRS WORKSHOP A two day workshop to promote the mobility of the every day in the form of environmentally friendly transport.

Senter for Byøkologi (Centre for Urban Ecology) THE MOBILITY OF THE EVERYDAY - Mapping mobility patterns in Oslo

Making a Living - Quilting by two Polish workers (Runa Carlsen)

Making a Living ON THE FLOOR – INFORMAL READING CIRCLE: Work - Man as maker. By the artists Runa Carlsen and Karen Kviltu Lidal

S.T.I.L.L. / S.P.I.L.L. - Silent and Proactive Infusion of Life and Love / Spoken Thoughts Intended for Lone Listening. Anne-Katrin Spiess & Samantha Clark

Essential words for inspiration & critical reflection by Buckminster Fuller

Seeds for Change -workshop by Linda Jolly and Solveig Slåttli


Food made of ingredients from the Artists´Garden established outside the gallery. Produce harvested by Oslo og Omegn Økologiske Hagelag (Oslo and surroundings Organic Garden Society) in collaboration with the artist Katja Høst, prepared by Cecilie Steinkjer, from the catering company Uten Oppskrift.

"The seed versus multinational monopolisation" A lecture by Marianne Leisner, Landscape architect and author, Gaia Architects, Norway. Linda Jolly, Biology and gardening teacher, course leader for Living Learning at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

What happens if we use beauty as a criterion for sustainability in life and work? F. David Peat, Physicist and author, Pari Center for New Learning, Italy. Godelieve Spaas, Independent consultant in organizational development, Netherlands.

Gentle Inter-Actions as Art Boel Christensen-Scheel, Ph.D in performance studies, University of Oslo.

Keynotespeaker: Gentle Action, F. David Peat, Physicist and author, Pari Center for New Learning, Italiy.

HALLUCINOGENIC PARKS What would happen if pockets of sub- and counterculture would inhabit our buildings or become a part of our cities, parks and planning? Or what if irrationality was given a greater space in modern architecture? Main contributors: Field Work / Nis Rømer and Lise Skou, artists, Denmark.

Tonje Hessen Schei, the director of the film PLAY AGAIN that premiered at Gentle Actions.


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  1. This looks absolutely wonderful. Fantastic sense of excitement. Can’t wait to get there and be part of it.

    Jane Trowell
    PLATFORM (contributors of «Scorch/Drench» for Gentle Actions)

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