LAST WEEK OF GENTLE ACTIONS (or only the beginning?)

You should have heard the rumors by now but in case you haven´t:

This week is packed with weird, wonderful, poetic, political and aesthetic happenings for a changing world at Gentle Actions.  Multi-artist author and philosoper David Rothenberg has arrived, sharing interspecies communications that bridges the gap between humans and other living creatures.  The philosopher and author David Abram is also here and will talk about his latest book Becoming Animal – a conversation on Cultural Metamorphosis with ecophilosopher Per Ingvar Haukeland. Jane Trowell and others from Platform will give us an insight on how oil is infiltrating our lives. Every evening, from 5 – 8pm, you are invited to travel to parts of the world acutely affected by oil and gas extraction, and experience how this is connected to finance, and to our own lives.  Anonymous Petroholics (Anonyme Petroholikere) will facilitate everyone who wants to confess their oil-addicions.  Politicians are especially invited! Fermentation revivalist Sandor Ellix Katz is coming to teach people about the wonderful world of fermenting everything from cabbage and milk to cultural fermentations.  The artist Rebecca Beinart will host teaparties with hot infusions and teach sourdough breadmaking and artist Jana Frøberg invites you to join her for remarkable porridge meals spiced with stories and butter.  The economist Irene Nygårdsvik will speculate on the economics of generosity and consciousness and physicist whale activist Rauno Lauhakangas will talk about human meetings with whales and share wonderous whale stories from Karelia, and the biologist and whale researcher Heike Vester is conversing about whale culture and language in the amazing yurt made and inhabited by artist Tuula Nikulainen who also has come to join us.  The environmental historian Hilde Ibsen invites you  for  freshly roasted coffee amongst the treetops in conversations about nature, health and green living toghether with artists Anna Widén and Walter van Broekhuizen.

And if that was not enough: Join Karen Kviltu Lidal and Runa Carlsen for a readingcircle about the hand-made, reading texts by Richard Sennet and Lee Ufan.  Sørfinnset skole/the nord land is hosting conversations about the role of the arts in a changing landscape in their birch teabar. The author Freddy Fjellheim will be presenting his latest book and asks the question if literature can help save the world.  Musician Bendik Hofset will be there.  So will climate researcher Rasmus Benestad, sharing his universe, and our ever vibrant and brilliant film program by Oslo Dokumentarkino is rolling on every day FOR FREE!! On Friday night the yurt the yurt will be rockin´with Mungolian Jet Set DJ´s alias Pål Nyhus and Knut Sævik

Is it possible to fit anything more into a week?

Hold your breath for the Bumblebee Anti-Gravitational See-You-Off Finissage on Saturday where interspecies clarinetist David Rothenberg meets Karelian master of glitch: electronica artists Cycle Hickups alias Alexandr Velikoselsky. And last but foremost saddle your horses and wake up your creative potential for the Art and Activism day on Sunday the 14th!

Take the week off work, cancel your appointments and bring your friends and family and join us for Gentle Actions at Kunstnernes Hus in this final week. No excuse is a good excuse!

For a full program for this last week download here: in Norwegian: GA Program A4• or in English: Gentle Actions Program week 45

For the full film program see:

«Creativity is the driving force in any process of change»    Alfred North Whitehead



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