WORKSHOP: Stirring the Compost: Eco-art Strategies for Resistance and Resilience

Stirring the Compost: Eco-art Strategies for Resistance and Resilience

Beverly Naidus, professor ved Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Program, University of Washington, USA.


“The interweaving of activist art pedagogy with eco-art practices. Stirring the Compost will explore multiple strategies for practicing eco-art: from walking meditation, journaling, collaborative brainstorming, action/research and skill inventories. We will develop projects and share them with the group. Part of the work process that we will explore was first developed at the Institute for Social Ecology in Vermont, USA where Beverly Naidus was a visiting artist every summer for 10 years.  Other aspects of the work were inspired by attending retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh and training with Jubilee Arts Collective from West Bromwich, England. Activities will include walking meditation where participants will use their senses to smell, hear, see, feel and taste their surroundings and notice what seems in balance (resilient) and what seems out of whack (where resistance would be called for).   Working in small groups we will focus on gut issues that the participants have directly experienced, notice where our issues overlap, and brainstorm projects that weave together the seemingly disparate issues.  After deciding on our intentions, contexts and audiences, we will present proposals to the rest of the group.”


Antall deltakere: 20





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