Dialogue on Beauty

Dialogue on Beauty

Ledet av F. David Peat, fysiker og forfatter, Pari Center for New Learning og

Godelieve Spaas, konsulent, skribent og forsker på nye økonomier.

Praktisk tilrettelegger: Jan van Boeckel, stipendiat, Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Department of Art, Helsinki Finland.

“What happens if we use beauty as a criterion for sustainability in life and work? Or in the triangle of economy, ecology, and community?  Beauty is not a word often used in art criticism today. Perhaps we could borrow from the sciences, where beauty or elegance is associated with great utility and a sense of the inevitable in the way in which ideas fit together and a new theory is created. What links could we pursue in this dialogue between science, the arts, the environment and the health of society as a whole? This is the theme that we would like to examine in a five hour long conversation in a quiet and comfortable room of Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo. The dialogue will be a unique experiment of bringing together and encouraging a gentle meeting of minds and views.”

Antall deltakere: 15

Påmelding: pamelding@kunstnerneshus.no


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