WORKSHOP – From spirit to action

Gentle Actions, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, 24th of October 2010

W O R K S H O P – From spirit to action

Hildegard Kurt, Cultural researcher, author and interdisciplinary social sculpture practitioner, Germany.

Lumps of salt from a salt dome in the North of Germany which is supposed to become a final storage for nuclear waste.

«In the same way that salt forms through separating itself from liquid, thinking too tends to separate itself from the physical, social, living world. Spirit becomes mere intellect. This could, no longer living thinking, as it prevails today all over the world, brings about an ‘over-salting’ of our societies, our relations. But salt is also soluble and solves. Can it become possible to get beyond what has become stiff and rigid, to a way of thinking and joint acting that is carried by living spirit?»

The approach of this workshop is genuinely interdisciplinary. It engages participants in an introductory exploration of social sculpture and aesthetic questions relevant to the shaping of an ecological and socially just world.

Social sculpture can be described as a new art discipline, however one which radically transgresses the art world. Here sculpting no longer seizes only physical, but also mental, psychic and spiritual material. Thus the primary materials of social sculpture are invisible: They lie in the ways we think, we feel, perceive, speak, listen and talk to each other. For whatever we bring into the world begins as a thought, an imagination, an intention, and then materialises: as landmine or school, as bio-piracy or fair trade, as agro-industrial exploitation or as sustainable farming. Hence the idea of social sculpture no longer aims at bringing objects into the world. Its intention is rather to reshape the deformations of our society into forms that can really be considered humane and desirable.

“From spirit to action” includes processes and practices, which can help participants to access their individual creative agendas, and offers strategies to deal imaginatively with the challenges of our time. The workshop intends to enable participants to develop their creative abilities and insights that can be of use in the context of their own situations. Taking place at the beginning of GENTLE ACTIONS, this work can also lay a basis for jointly conceived actions.

Invited to participate are artists, people involved in creative action for sustainability, and other interested individuals, who would want to find new ways of thinking and working with their life and art.

The workshop will last the whole day. Maximum number of participants: 20 – 25.

In English.



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